Are You Thinking of Living in Los Angeles, California?

There are so many people from all over the globe, who want to live and buy a home in Los Angeles, CA. The biggest question they face is: where should we live?  I have been featuring different pockets of Los Angeles over the years, so I would like to introduce you, who are not familiar with Los Angeles the Outpost Estates area. Those who are familiar know what I mean.

Outpost Estates has been a “star magnet” since the days when Lana Turner lived there. At one point Ben Affleck called Outpost Estates his home. Of course one of the longest residents has been Bob Barker of the “Price Is Right” fame.

Our Town

Developer Charles Toberman would be smiling today if he knew how “Outpost” has been revitalized again. These homes are of a bye gone Hollywood Era. There are about 500 homes give or take within the Outpost Estates. They have their own home owners association, whose main objective is to maintain and preserve. What I love about Outpost is, that the buyers are not of your stereo typical “buy & tear down” mentality, rather let’s “Update & Preserve” hence you can go into a home that might have been owned by Bela Lugosi or the likes of Dolores Del Rio. Then again you might be strolling with your dog and run into the Who is Who of today’s Hollywood to the likes of William H Macy and many others who would like to remain anonymous.

Economy and Prices

The median price is around $1.35 million there will be a few in the high $900’s to low $1million range as well as there will be others up to about $2.8million. The Real Estate Market has picked up in this pocket of Los Angeles.  As soon as a property comes on the market unless it is very ambitiously priced it will be either in multiple offers or relatively quickly in Escrow.

Preparing to Buy

Hence if there is a property which comes on the Market the Buyers need to have their financing in order as well as their understanding of the Values otherwise they can be assured that someone else who is properly prepared will beat them out in the purchase. The days of waiting to see how low the prices will go and then try to negotiate below the asking price are over. Now it is clear that this part of Los Angeles the prices have bottomed out.


One of the attraction to live in Outpost Estates is, that you can literally walk to some of
Hollywood’s main attractions such as the  “The Magic Castle”,  “The Hollywood Bowl”  and “The Kodak Theater” to name a few. I remember a time when Lower Outpost Estates was less desirable due to its close proximity to  Franklin Ave and ’ Hollywood’. Ironically now it is hip and trendy to live in an area that is secluded but still walking distance to “where it is happening”. After all how many places and attractions in Los Angeles can boast of being walking distance from your home?


The big attraction also applies to most of the West Side of Los Angeles as well. It is our tem

pered climate. Generally there are only about eight or ten days out of the year you want to turn your Air Condition on. Mostly our weather is in the mid 70’s in the daytime and in the high 50’s at night. This is a great benefit to have. We often watch the hot and hazy climate of the east coast during our comfortable strolls. As well as when we sit at the outdoor seating in the evening as we eat some great dinners in the winter time when on the east coast we see Nor’easters on the Weather Channel.


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