The Robyn Report is a mash up of articles, reviews and interviews about all things real estate. We have tons of guidelines and tips about the new rules for mortgages and how to buy or sell a house. With all the new technology out there, you need to be updated on the latest apps, websites, programs and software to make home buying easier. We continue to search the universe to find the latest and greatest geek stuff out there! And of course, we write the books, hence we think all consumers should read the books, so we often have book reviews and interviews with the authors. Knowledge is power. Use it!

Your Credit Score

Learn the five factors that make up your credit score and how just a few simple adjustments can improve it. Your credit score affects everything in your life. And it’s true, the better
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Choosing a Home Inspector

  So, does the buying public know about how to choose a home inspector? How would YOU go about choosing a home inspector? One very common way is email. I happen to know this to be true.
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