CardMunch: Managing Your Realtors With Ease

Finding it hard to narrow down the perfect realtor for you? With real estate professionals throwing business cards at you on a regular basis trying to gain business, its hard to keep track of everyone you meet. For decades, the use of business cards has not changed but everything is due for an upgrade when technology changes. Although companies have come up with programs that help organize contacts and apps that literally just need to hit each other to swap information.

But there are also many loopholes in these new “solutions”. With a stack of business cards, its hard to sit down and input everything. Most contact sorting programs are designed like this. With mobile applications, although convenient, still need the person giving the contact to have the same application as the other person.  But low and behold, CardMunch has fixed all the bugs that have come with this business card problem.

CardMunch is a mobile application created by LinkedIn, which not only has a reputable network, but millions of users who would almost definitely have business cards. After downloading the free app, simply take a picture of the card and reviewers will look over the app to verify the correct information, even in custom hand-written font. An immediate email will be placed after the contact has been added to your mobile database. A push notification will them be placed after that business card is implemented into the phone. A copy of the image of the scanned business card will also be available.

You can forward the contact information as a vCard for your emails or even through mobile contacts, which is convenient nowadays. By using this easy tool, it is nothing more than just taking a simple click of your cell phone’s camera. You can also get connected via LinkedIn with a feature that directly links to the mobile app.

The app has gotten large amounts of attention and is very convenient for those on both ends of the real estate market spectrum. This is an essential tool for those who come in frequent use of real estate business cards, whether they are looking for a home or trying to sell one. Be aware though, each card needs to have an individual picture, so it might be a little more time consuming than one would think.

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