DotLoop: For a More Hands-On Buying and Selling Experience

Deemed the “first online software that allows real estate agents, buyers and sellers to complete the transaction process from offer to close, all in one place”, DotLoop makes the real estate selling business simple all through the click of a button. Finding the perfect agent is tough nowadays, especially when your first thought in mind is not breaking the bank.


This software may connect the buyers and sellers virtually, but it also puts them on a personal level through several features that help individuals work on a close digital platform. Of course, you have your own hectic day-to-day schedule, so why make buying house a burden? Satisfaction rates are much higher through the program and the actual purchasing process is 40% faster than average negotiations.

From the necessary documents to the final signatures, the DotLoop software gives people the opportunity to approve and sign the appropriate documents during the renting or purchasing process online. With paperless services, all the places you have to be are now found in a single area.

The program also utilizes VersionNow technology that gives buyers an inside look into the market. This feature also helps by sharing documents while also being environmentally-friendly by directly sending over the file without the hassle of faxing, copying, scanning, or emailing. Get in the loop and use DotLoop to find the perfect match for your lifestyle and budget!


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