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The hustle and bustle of New York City is not always the best pace to work with, especially when deciding to purchase or rent a home or apartment. With today’s always evolving technologies, Buyfolio focuses on those Big Apple locals and prospective residents and puts them into a small micro social network. With many real estate websites out there, you might ask what makes this one so special? We though the same thing, so we went through the site to find out.




Buyfolio provides for a niche market that makes it easier for web users to interact with agents and even family members about the new homes. Besides the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms listed, the website also has features that are not seen too often. If a person wants to know if the place has its own washing machine or has rules against pets, you can find it all on Buyfolio. Another cool addition is that the site has features like alerts for price changes in real time and there’s no charge for the buyer!

So how did this all come about? Founders, Matt and Susan Daimler sold their Seattle home on Zillow in 2007 and were looking for a location in New York City. So Matt Daimler decided to search for homes through the help of an agent, utilizing the Internet as his major tool. But the agent would simply provide him with listings that he already researched online. He said there was no direct communication between the agent and himself, so he wanted to make the search simpler for everyone. He stated:

“The collaboration piece was what I felt like was missing from the process.”

Dailmer initially created an Excel spreadsheet that divided the listings into three categories, “To See”, “Saw and Liked”, and “Didn’t Like”. And boom! Buyfolio was born. Of course, there are several other real estate websites that provide contacts and houses but Buyfolio is a leader in the game for many reasons.

Not only does it save listings already seen, but it also categorizes them and places feedback on each listing with personal comments from the buyer. Another great widget is that the customer can place a listing from another website into their folio instead of only using featured homes on the Buyfolio site. This eliminates have a limited portfolio of homes. Available on the web and for mobile, Thailmer goes beyond a great interface to deliver a fast and free service for those searching for their perfect home without any room for error. This one-stop site combines a search engine and a social network, and it is definitely a house hunting experience unlike any other. If you’re a buyer, we recommend you test it out and the browsing is on us! (Note: It’s free!)

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