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Technology Tuesday

There are several websites and applications out there that promise that they deliver the best real estate information and listings for you. But when you live in one of many of the biggest cities in the country, it is hard to find a site that gives you personal opinions that are accurate. sets itself apart from the competition by solely focusing on the sophisticated cities of San Francisco, New York City, the Hamptons, and Los Angeles.

curbed not only shows listings of the freshest properties around but it also gives insight about the best nightclubs, local eateries, and the prime places to shop. It goes above and beyond the standard real estate website and gives clients a real perspective on how each city actually is.

The website is frequently visited because it updates on a regular basis as opposed to sites that put in all its information at once and doesn’t change it. Not only does it provide a purchase or sell option for properties, it has features including Racked and Eater that discuss the best places to save money while shopping and restaurants around the area. With reviews for both stores and places to eat, it gives a wider range of items to choose from.

These features keep it open for a wide group of demographics and provide information that may are concerned about. The target market also specifies for affluent individuals looking to enjoy their time in these cities. knows how to get on a personal level with its audience and delivers beyond any other!

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