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A conversation with Janis Borgueta, Realtor® with Key Properties of the Hudson Valley LLC, of Orange County,  NY.

(Newburgh Beacon Bridge)

Newburgh has been my home since 1983. I have been fortunate enough to live here with my husband and raise my two beautiful daughters in this picturesque locale known as the Hudson Valley. The history, location, schools, restaurants, not to mention fabulous scenery, has been the perfect place for me. All that and close proximity to New York City is what Newburgh is all about.




Newburgh Info…the Basics
Many people are unaware that there is both a town and a city of Newburgh. Two distinct municipalities, they share an adjacent riverfront location. The City of Newburgh is relatively small, with a population of approximately 20,000 on 3.8 square miles, is a mere 60 miles north of New York City. Newburgh is surrounded on the north side by the Town of Newburgh, and to the south is New Windsor. The Hudson River lies to the east, featuring over 2 miles of riverfront property that defines the natural beauty of this historic setting. In the greater Newburgh area, which includes several surrounding towns, the population soars to over 100,000 people who live and work in this picturesque region of the Hudson Valley.





Why live in Newburgh?
An easy commute to NYC! We are only 60 miles north of New York City! Commuting to NYC has become quite commonplace. Living in the Hudson Valley provides all the amenities of a suburban location with easy access to the New York Thruway and I- 84. Stewart Airport is in the town of New Windsor and provides domestic flights at an ever increasing number each year. Expansion projects underway will lead to more flights and jobs for our area.

The Newburgh Beacon Bridge crosses the Hudson River and connects us the east side of the river. Metro North Railway is a one seat ride from Beacon, NY to Grand Central Station. Imagine a lifestyle with green grass and trees and privacy while being close enough for a commute. Rent in the city, or live here and own your own home. Current pricing of homes in the area show that renting can actually be more expensive as interest rates are so low.  


Newburgh is not just for commuters. The Hudson Valley represents many families that have lived and worked here for generations. People that grow up here stay. Some go off to college but many people return here to work and raise their own families. As we continue to expand and grow we attract new businesses and families. Making Newburgh your home is just so easy.

Housing Market

Market fluctuations continue as the economy struggles to heal. Newburgh has not been immune to the tumbling prices of homes in the last few years. Prices are not increasing, but we are definitely seeing increased activity in sales of single family homes. Real estate of course is always local. In the City of Newburgh we see price variations within a specific neighborhood that can be block by block. The surrounding towns are seeing increased sales of resale homes for most of the inventory at this time. Short sales and foreclosures are seeing some stabilization in their pricing too.



(New Construction Homes photo)

New Construction homes
gather in popularity with more affordable houses. Gone are the days of giant subdivisions with McMansions dotting the suburbs. New construction homes in the Hudson Valley are smaller, more energy efficient. Value is apparent as they compete with resale homes. Who doesn’t like shiny and new?

A good deal of my business is selling new construction homes. I work with different builders in the area that have survived the downturn and have continued to produce a great product at an affordable price to consumers. These homes now include most everything and have become turnkey, reflecting the ever changing market. Included in the area are many smaller locations of beautiful new homes at a fraction of the sales price of five years ago. Times have changed with needs and wants of buyers, and builders are hearing their demands loud and clear with some builders providing GeoThermal solutions to energy prices.




(George Washington’s Headquarters)

It is a privilege to live and work near some of the great, although less well known historical sites that are the foundations of our country’s history. Newburgh is known as the “Birthplace of the Republic” as it was here at George Washington’s Headquarters that Washington first rejected the idea of becoming King after the American Revolution, and insisted on the creation of our Democracy. Strategically perched on the west shore of the Hudson River, and with a clear view towards the fort at West Point, now the prestigious U.S. Military Academy, this location served Washington well during the Revolutionary War as an important location for defense. The home became the nation’s first publicly owned historical site in the country.

The Newburgh Enlarged City School District is made up of the Town of Newburgh, New Windsor and the City of Newburgh. It provides education of over 12,000 students each year. The idea to consolidate and integrate the schools started back in the 1960’s to provide quality and affordable education for local students. Amazing things happen when students have the tools to move ahead.

Opportunities are everywhere for choices of higher education. Newburgh is home to Mount St. Mary College as well as our new addition of Orange County Community College Newburgh. These two schools provide some great opportunities to students in Newburgh and beyond. Just 30 minutes away we have Marist College, Vassar and SUNY New Paltz. It is not uncommon to live at home, and go to any of these great schools either full or part time.

With so much history in the area, Newburghians are never at a loss for things to do and see!  Local schools take advantage of museums and other historical locations to facilitate hands-on learning. Not just for students, locals visit many historical sites including the New Windsor Cantonment where visitors can share a campfire and an authentic meal with American Revolutionary War reenactors. For a less rustic appeal, the mansions of the Vanderbilt’s showcase the beauty of the Gilded Age. If the high society isn’t your cup of tea, Newburgh’s newest museum, the Motorcyclepedia may be more your speed, featuring almost 400 vintage and rare motorcycles, and the infamous Motordome. The Hudson Valley truly caters to a diverse range of interests, and has something for everyone to enjoy!

Art has been a mainstay in the area since the 19th century, when the Hudson River School made the Hudson Valley’s visages famous.  Today the area’s legacy of art is not forgotten with the amazing sculpture gardens of the Storm King Art Center, the Ann Street Gallery of Contemporary Art, and DIA~Beacon’s expansive modern art galleries which features exhibits from Andy Warhol.



(Downing Park)

Something About Me
My life’s path has taken me around the world and back again. I grew up in the beautiful suburbs of New Haven, CT. Off to a warmer climate, and looking for an education, I studied at the University of Miami, where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. I spent the next four years in the U.S. Navy, stationed in Bethesda, MD and then the exotic shores of the Philippines. After completing my time overseas, I chose to relocate back to the east coast, leave the Navy behind, and start a family. Since then, the Town of Newburgh, NY has been my home for the last twenty-nine years. After raising my two daughters here with my husband, I have become well acquainted with many of the wonderful qualities that Orange County has to offer a variety of lifestyles.

Real estate sales are now my current life’s adventure, and one I continue to enjoy. I work with buyers and sellers to make real estate transactions as streamlined as possible. Providing a personal touch, I spend time with clients helping them to understand the process of a transaction. Technology plays a big part in real estate as over 85% of the people shopping for a home are looking on the internet. As a Realtor, staying on top of the process with the technology available is very important. I utilize a combination of these tools to create the best use of marketing and communication for my clients.

It is a pleasure when I can help a family find their perfect home in the Hudson Valley. I am delighted to share with you my knowledge and expertise of the area as I continue to make fond memories in Newburgh, the town I am happy to call my home.

If you are looking for more information about this region and are thinking about moving to the Hudson Valley, let me help you with the search for your home. It certainly is a great time to buy!



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