Dale Speaks

Dale Siegel’s presentations are informative, powerful, and highly entertaining. No matter who her audience is, she is able to zero in on the information they are looking for and present it in a detailed and organized manner. Using her wealth of industry knowledge, real life examples, and a memorable storytelling style ensures an easy take away of invaluable information for the audience. Real estate industry professionals, consumers, and students all enjoy her easy and humorous style but realize how much detail is truly packed in a session.

As one of the leading authorities on real estate and residential finance, Dale believes in the power of education and knows that beginning at an early age is best—although starting at any age is applaudable. She understands that a solid base of financial education will strengthen a person’s ability to make smart financial decisions which will have positive lifetime effects.


Dale Siegel has spoken to thousands of first time homebuyers about the language, decisions, and process of homeownership. She provides solid tools and tips to the audience in lively and informative seminars. Her most popular consumer seminars are “Real Estate for Beginners” and “The New Rules for Mortgages.” She tailors the time and material of the course to meet any group’s needs. Dale has also taught classes on “How to Buy a Co-op or Condo,” “How to Retire Outside of the United States,” and other personal financial matters such as life after college, credit scores, and how to rent anything you need.


As an attorney and active mortgage loan officer, Dale has taken her years of experience and hours of research and training to create very detailed classes and workshops. She has taught and written NMLS approved courses and webinars on mortgage industry topics such as ethics, fraud, federal law, New York state law, and mortgage products. Dale is an adjunct professor at NYU and Baruch College, teaching Real Estate Salesperson’s and Broker’s Continuing Education and licensing courses. Dale has spoken to Bar Associations about real estate, foreclosure, and bankruptcy issues, training the attorneys on the latest nuances of the real estate industry. She enjoys sitting on panels and adds her lively style to any group of experts. Dale has spoken at nonprofessional conferences on money and women, the importance of financial education, and business related issues such as marketing, networking, promotion, and running a small business. Contact Dale directly to have her speak at your next event.

College and Young Adult

As an advocate for consumer education, Dale is of the school that financial literacy is just as important as reading, writing ,and arithmetic and should be taught alongside those subjects at all grade levels. She teaches the basics of saving and spending and the importance of financial education to children of all ages and levels. Teaching grade school children about earning and saving money is just as meaningful to Dale as speaking to business fraternities of soon-to-be college graduates. As part of the movement for mandatory financial education, Dale will speak to groups age 21 and under at no cost other than travel expenses. Have Dale speak to your children or college group.

Multimedia Source

Dale is a very knowledgeable and entertaining guest for radio and television. She has been a guest on NPR, ABC Dateline, NBC Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough, and many national and local radio shows. With the ability to answer important questions in a compelling and in realistic style, she adds to any financial show or clip on real estate and finance matters. Known to often help prepare the host, she can provide insightful questions to very timely and current issues, providing the audience with information on matters that concern them directly while making the host look…well…very smart. Contact Dale directly for you media needs. She can be interviewed by telephone, in person, over Skype, or via email.