1. “Dale knows how to make a subject that’s at times dry and esoteric accessible and entertaining instead. Her straightforward delivery is packed with humor for the close listener and unavoidably educational for even the casual student.”
    Carlo Romero, student NYU Real Estate Salesperson’s licensing Program
  2. “Siegel’s day job as a mortgage broker gives her the (Wall and Main) Street credibility on the topic of what it takes — right now — to get a mortgage that is so lacking in many mortgage how-to titles. As such, “The New Rules for Mortgages” is written in the demystifying, real-world educational voice of one whose job it is to empower borrowers with just the facts they actually need to know to prepare themselves to qualify for and choose the right home loan for them.”
    Tara-Nicholle Nelson, author of The Savvy Woman’s Homebuying Handbook
  3. “The New Rules For Mortgages is by far the best and most informative book on the market today relating to the mortgage industry. Dale has truly shown her 20 plus years of knowledge. This is a very good guide for anyone who is looking to purchase a home or refinance. I have a 16 year background in the mortgage industry and I would strongly recommend this book to everyone in the industry.”
    Chris Treece, President & Founder of the Chris Treece, Inc.
  4. “I call her book “The New Rules of the Road for Mortgages” – or how the new procedural changes for getting mortgage money affect you (and how not to become “roadkill”). I highly recommend this book to anyone trying to secure a mortgage or refinance a loan right now. An attorney, licensed mortgage broker and teacher, Dale Robyn Siegel is the kind of powerful advocate you need to have on your side when dealing with lenders, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, title companies, and appraisers today (and beyond). As a credit counselor and author, I found the easy-to-read chapter on credit scores alone to be worth the price of the book.”
    Barbara Bryn Klare, San Francisco
  5. “I purchased The New Rules for Mortgages on Amazon to start researching the home buying process. I had no idea how much confidence one book could instill in the intimidating and often confusing lending industry. The best part of buying this book was how accessible the author made herself and how promptly she replies to questions. As a first time buyer, just starting the process it was incredible to have Dale’s personal advice and guidance. She also provided several solid contacts for real estate brokers in our area to ease the issue of house hunting. Immediate email responses from a professional in the industry not only keeps things moving smoothly but also makes you feel like you have a team on your side.”
    Hemali Shah, NYC – satisfied client