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Dale Robyn Siegel is the award winning author of The New Rules for Mortgages, a popular consumer book for first time homebuyers. A sought after speaker for both the real estate industry and new homebuyers, Dale has a contrarian view of home ownership and personal debt. Hailed as a conservative, she practices what she preaches about living below your means and keeping your personal overhead on the “skinny.”

Believing that you have to actually do what you claim to be an expert at, Dale has been a practicing New York real estate attorney for over 25 years and a mortgage loan officer for 15 years. She has helped thousands of people get into homes not just within their means but below them by using the least risky mortgage products. Desiring to get a good night’s guiltless rest, Dale has told hundreds of people that they were just not financially ready to buy a home and truly believes there is nothing wrong with renting.

She is an adjunct professor at both NYU and Baruch College, teaching licensing classes to real estate professionals in the metropolitan area. She speaks to dozens of professional and consumer groups each year, presenting the new rules of real estate and mortgages in a fun and memorable manner. Dale has been quoted in numerous publications including The New York Times, US News & World Report, Business Week, Money Magazine, Smart Money, Better Homes and Gardens, NPR Radio, NBC Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough, and ABC News, Dateline. She is a contributor to Bankrate.com and is a guest on many financial blogs.

As an author, Dale has written and contributed to many textbooks and continuing education courses over the years, written an award winning consumer book on mortgages, and continues to blog weekly. She is the editor of the popular blog series “Are you thinking of living in…” which takes the reader to a different small or large town in the USA each week. She is currently working on a graphic novel—the new way of learning—on home buying. When not working, she is riding her bicycle somewhere in the world, seeing the sites with the wind in her hair and her Blackberry® in her backpack.